LG Thrive

AT&T has come out with their first prepaid smart phone, the LG Thrive. It is one of the best ways that you can get a smart phone with out having to pay that gargantuan price tag that you normally have to pay on some of the other popular phones. Although the data and storage are a bit limited, you still should have more than enough capabilities to accomplish any normal phone tasks that you may have in mind. The Thrive runs with the Android 2.2 operating system, and has expandable memory up to 32 GB. The sound quality that you find with this phone leaves something to be desired, but that is a sacrifice that you have to weigh when getting a phone with these capabilities for such a low price without a contract.

As with any phone, you should purchase the screen protector for the touch screen. There are already a few complaints about scratches on the screen, and if they would have spent the extra money on a screen protector, that would not have happened. It boasts a 600 MHz processor that can handle most applications, but it will fall short when you are playing games like Angry Birds, during some of the more graphic intense scenes. The 3.2 mega pixel camera is great for average camera use. The average battery life for the LG Thrive is 7 hours talking, and 400+ hours idle, which is quite brilliant for a pre-paid phone. But, you will notice that with a smart phone 7 hours turns in to about 3 to 4 when you are using it consistently.

There are a lot of differences that you will have to live with to when you use this phone compared to a normal smart phone; short battery life, a camera that falls short of the standard and memory that will not last you very long. That is the trade off that you make for the nearly 500$ price difference between this cellular phone and some of the more popular ones. You can also get this phone with a contract, should you feel so inclined to do so. Having even the most basic smart phone for 150$ and no contract is a great opportunity for a lot of folks out there that can not afford some of the huge prices that we are seeing phones achieve these days.

Although this phone would not be many phone enthusiasts first choice, the LG Thrive is still quite impressive with the list of features that it does have. The price is the greatest benefit, and should help you compromise on some of the short comings that it has. This cellular phone is obviously a revolutionary breakthrough for AT&T in the pre-paid market, and that is music to the ears of a lot of people who do not want to commit to a contract and still have a smart phone. The Thrive is perfect for anyone that is looking for a good day to day use phone.

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